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  • Each wrestler will get BETTER FASTER, while drilling their takedown moves. This can be individually (shadow takedowns/dummy takedowns) or can be in a controlled setting during a team practice.

  • Have fun, while also working hard, improving, and raising funds for their wrestling program.

  • Each wrestler gets pledges for takedowns, in any amount. Example: I will pledge $.10 per take down that John Doe does, if John Doe does 100 takedowns, that is $10.

  • or $.25 per takedown, if JD does 100 takedowns, that is $25.

  • OR you can do a dollar amount pledge for example: I will donate $20 to John Doe, no matter how many takedowns he does.


  • 50% of the proceeds will go directly to your wrestling program, the other 50% will go to the National Wrestling Hall of Fame Dan Gable Museum.

  • We will have technique videos for your team to utilize during this fundraiser, the videos include features from Dan Gable, Brent Metcalf, Lee Kemp, Ed Ruth, Jim Miller, and more!

  • We will have encouraging videos for your team from Dan Gable, Jim Miller, and Dave Mills.

  • We will ask that you take a few pictures of your team doing the takedown challenge, so we can post them on our social media pages.

  • Each team/club will receive a personalized autographed Dan Gable poster.

  • There will be tiers of incentives for each club/team.

  • EXAMPLE: Any team that raises over $500 total, your team will receive a Dave Mills technique DVD of your choice. Any team that raises over $1,000 and your team will receive 3 Dave Mills DVD's of your choice, and an autographed Dan Gable 4x6 print for each athlete that participated.

Help legendary coach and wrestler Dan Gable, and Dave Mills, 2x NCWA National Coach of the Year, takedown BIGFOOT!

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